I don't see the job description I need. How do I get one added?

There are about 75 job descriptions (templates) in Fieldglass, reflecting the roles most frequently requisitioned at Harvard.  If possible, please try to use the one closest to what you need – you can “customize” it a bit by adding an attachment or filling in the Additional Job Details field.

If you need to fill a role that is significantly different, send a request to harvard@dzconnex.com. It can take up to two weeks to set up a new job description online.  The new role will need to be market-priced (to set up the rate card) and additional suppliers may need to be recruited to the program if the role is highly specialized.

The DZConneX Program Management Office may guide you to use a “generic” job description if the role is “single incumbent” and/or unlikely to be used again or by anyone else at Harvard.