I have assumed supervision of a group of employees who currently have a diverse range of flexible work arrangements. I may need to change these or I may not – but first I need to get handle on them. Where do I begin?

Refer to Measuring and Managing Flexible Work Arrangements  in the Flex Tools and Resources Section for general practices and guidelines. You will want to start by documenting what work arrangements are currently in place – a chart or spreadsheet showing each person’s schedule can help you see where there may be gaps as well as logical parameters for core hours, staff meetings, and so on. Compare what’s in place to your operational principles and current and projected business needs. Is there any overlap in the current set of work arrangements? Are there significant gaps?

You will also have to assess performance. If the work isn’t getting done to a satisfactory degree, you should revisit whether alternative work arrangements are the cause – or could be part of the solution. If you need to make changes to an employee’s schedule, you should, where possible, provide reasonable notice before altering the current arrangement.

Even if you ultimately determine that you are comfortable with the current arrangements, keep in mind that FWAs should be reviewed at least annually.