What is the difference between payrolled candidates, recruited workers, and pre-identified candidates?

Payrolled candidates are individuals who are identified by the Harvard hiring manager and are not affiliated with one of the current suppliers. At Harvard’s request, they will be hired by one of the two Harvard-approved payrolling companies (AllSource or Checks and Balances) and would become a W-2 employee of that company. 

Recruited workers are candidates sourced by DZConneX (formerly, Yoh) from the supplier pool, then interviewed, selected and hired by the Harvard hiring manager.

Pre-Identified Candidates are individuals identified by the hiring manager and who are affiliated with one of the approved suppliers. An example would be an agency temp who the manager would like to use again. The DZConneX PMO works with the supplier create a work order for the assignment and on-board the pre-identified candidate knowing that no interview or selection process is necessary.