What information does a hiring manager need to know before creating a job requisition online in Fieldglass?

A hiring manager will need to know 7 key details in order to create an online requisition.

  1. The job role that the contingent worker will fill (choice of Fieldglass Job Templates listed here)
  2. Whether you have already identified the worker (to be “payrolled”) or you need someone to be “recruited” by a supplier.  If the worker is to be payrolled:
    a. What is their name, email, telephone and agreed-upon hourly pay rate?
    b. In what state(s) will the worker live and work?
  3. The start and end date of the assignment
  4. The hours per day and days per week (7 hours per day and 5 days per week for a total of 35 hours is standard for a full-time contingent resource at Harvard.  You may for hire for fewer hours per week, or up to 40 hours per week if you wish)
  5. The Harvard chart of accounts coding that the position will be charged to, including one of these four Harvard object codes

    8221 -- Contingent Labor MSP Services Purchased (may only be used in Fieldglass)
    7658 -- Contingent Labor MSP Travel Reimbursed (may only be used in Fieldglass)
    6811 -- Equip >=$5000
    1140 -- Equip, Debt-financed, WIP
  6. Whether the worker will need an 8-digit HUID (yes or no) and an HUID card (yes or no)
  7. Any local onboarding needs like Harvard work space, laptop, phone, email, building or digital access