What should I do if the Harvard chart of accounts (costing) string I want to use for a requisition is not available in Fieldglass?

Of the millions of possible Harvard Chart of Accounts (CoA) combinations (called CCIDs), a large number is selected and loaded to Fieldglass nightly so that they are available when requisitioning a contingent worker.  The CCIDs in Fieldglass include the most commonly used ones, as described in the Chart of Accounts Coding section of the Program Guidelines

However, if you need to use a chart of accounts combination that is not already in Fieldglass (because it is newly-established, or not commonly used, and therefore was not automatically loaded), please take the following steps:

  1. Go to the online Harvard chart validator tool at https://fss.finance.harvard.edu/applications
  2. Enter the desired combination – including one of the object codes listed below -- then click Create Account Coding.
  3. This newly-activated CCID will be transmitted during the nightly load to Fieldglass and will be available the next day to use.

Chart values for Harvard tubs not yet enrolled in the Managed Services Program will not be transmitted and cannot be charged.

If you experience a problem with adding a CCID to Fieldglass, help is available from the DZConneX Program Management Office at 617-495-1508.

Note:  The CCID you wish to add to Fieldglass must contain one of these object codes in order for it to be selected for loading in Fieldglass: 1140, 6640, 6811, 7650, 7658, 7910, 7920, 7940, 7970, 7980, 8220, or 8221.