Developing and Documenting the Plan with the Flexwork Form

The events of the past year have underscored the importance of the roles we all play in support of the University's mission of teaching and research.  As we plan new approaches to work, some employees will look forward to returning to campus with little, if any, remote work, and others may believe they can be most effective if they work in a partially-remote – also known as hybrid – arrangement, or continue to work remotely as much as possible. Previous versions of Harvard’s Flexwork guidelines required employees to complete a Flexwork Proposal Form that developed a business case for flexwork and documented the where, when, and how of their job responsibilities. During the pandemic, this requirement was suspended. In this next iteration of Harvard’s approach to workplace flexibility, however, documentation will continue to play a critical role in long term planning for the University. The new, two-part Flexwork Documentation Form will guide managers and employees alike in recording their evolving plans:

Capturing the Arrangement: Flexwork Documentation Form, Part A

Part A of the Flexwork Documentation Form is mandatory for approved arrangements, including those developed over the past year. The Flexwork Documentation Form is an important tool to capture the details of an approved flexwork arrangement, including specifics about how, where and when work will be performed. Gathering this data will enable quantification and analyses of current practices, which can in turn inform institutional decisions. As a general matter, this form should be filed with the relevant HR office, although local practices around documenting approved arrangements may vary. Please download this form, save it locally, complete it, and provide it to your manager. Adding basic information into PeopleSoft (when that feature becomes available) will include the information contained in this form.

Developing or Adjusting an Arrangement – Flexwork Documentation Form, Part B

Part B of the Flexwork Documentation Form is optional. Departments and/or managers may opt to require employees to complete part B to define the details of a proposed or existing flexwork arrangement, including specifics about how, where and when work will be performed. Required or not, employees may wish to use this document as a worksheet to think through and plan an effective flexwork arrangement, before and/or after a conversation with their manager.

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