Flexwork Proposal Form

A written proposal is required

Employees requesting formal flexwork are required to submit a detailed proposal that addresses how, when and where work will be performed. Employees should also speak with their managers or HR department about local policies and practices. 


Employees should download this fillable PDF Flexwork Proposal Form and save it to their computer prior to completing. It shoud be use as the basis for their proposals. 


Note, however, that the proposal form is not a one-size-fits-all document and includes optional sections. And the form doesn’t stand alone. Many managers prefer that the process begin with an employee-supervisor conversation which is then followed by additional conversations to ensure alignment and mutual understanding once the proposal has been completed. The form is designed to provide a format for best practices and common sense decisions. It can:


  • Assist employees in thinking through and developing specific flexwork proposals
  • Guide managers in evaluating flexwork proposals objectively and equitably
  • Ensure equitable treatment for all employees who propose flexwork
  • Assist managers who are reviewing multiple proposals in understanding overall team and operational impacts
  • Enable successful implementation of flexwork through improved clarity and alignment on the specifics of how the arrangements will work
  • Serve as a basis for ongoing conversations between employees and managers

Employees are encouraged to review the full guidelines before completing and submitting the form.


How to use the form

  • Download the proposal form
  • Open it using a version of Adobe Acrobat that supports fillable PDFs
  • Complete it and save it
  • If you prefer, you can simply print the form and complete it by hand: You can attach extra pages as needed