Making it Work, Measuring Success

As we plan for a broader return to campus, now is the time for managers to define which framework they would like to establish or formalize, guided by the nature of the work and in consultation with their teams. Any consideration of hybrid/remote work must be aligned with the University’s mission and closely coordinated with the school’s/department’s/teams’ specific needs and goals.

2020 had a significant impact on many employees, and job structures may have changed, either temporarily or indefinitely. Defining and documenting expectations going forward is critical for transparency and trust. For in-depth help making decisions about ways of working, please see the Center for Workplace Development (CWD) “Leading and Managing in a Hybrid Work Environment Toolkit”, which offers two workforce assessment models for evaluating the best flex framework for your team, depending on its particular work functions. Additionally, your local HR office is a resource to managers when analyzing and making decisions about work models.

Managers are encouraged to work with teams to generate their own document that outlines critical factors for success and lays out not only how each individual will work within the chosen framework, but also how the parts of the team interact and work together. This effort supports a smooth structure for team operations and helps to build trust, accountability, and goodwill.

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