Trial Periods and Reviews

Under stable circumstances, when new employees propose a flexwork arrangement, or when current employees propose a new flexwork plan, all arrangements should begin with a trial period and be reviewed in 30 days to ensure they are meeting business needs.

Trial periods can be extended, and adjustments made as needed. They should be revisited at regular intervals thereafter (e.g., during annual performance reviews) and modified as necessary. Especially during periods of disruption, any adjustments to on-campus status or working hours should be assessed informally at regular intervals to ensure that business needs are being met.

While we all long for more predictable circumstances, we know that the future is anything but predictable. If staff and faculty should again encounter challenges such as another sudden switch to locked-down telework, these guidelines should help managers, teams and individuals be prepared to meet the moment and pull together in the service of their shared goals and values.

Finally, these guidelines will necessarily be iterative as the University gains data and experience from local and School experimentation.

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