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Harvard enables charitable giving by payroll deduction through Harvard Community Gifts, the University's workplace charitable giving program. For 2020, the program will only be open to current (2019) participants, whose pledges and charities will be "rolled over" (that is, automatically renewed) for 2020.  

Current donors will be given the opportunity to cancel or amend their 2020 pledges during this year's open enrollment period, which will run from November 12-26, 2019.  If current donors wish to make entirely new gift pledges for 2020, they may give to one of charities listed at right.  

At the begining of open enrollment on November 12, current donors will be sent an email with instructions and access to an online giving portal where they may review, change or cancel their 2020 pledges, or look at their past giving history.

Gifts for 2020 will be funded in equal installments by payroll deduction beginning in January. Questions may be directed to: harvardcommunitygifts@easymatch.com.

Program Details

The charities you support are responsible for acknowledging your gifts, and for providing tax receipts. Harvard transmits your gift(s) and contact information to the charities for this purpose, consistent with the privacy option you selected when you made your gift online.

Gifts are deducted from each paycheck, generally 12, 26, or 52 times each year depending on how often you are paid and how the calendar falls. They are added together with gifts from other Harvard faculty and staff, and paid to the charities at the end of each quarter.

If you require additional support, please contact the program administrator:

Harvard Community Gifts

Mailing address:
Harvard Community Gifts
P.O. Box 3723
Princeton, NJ 08543-3723

Information about Your Payroll Deductions

To look up the status of your current payroll deductions, go to PeopleSoft and click on Self Service>My Pay>Voluntary Deductions. On this page, you will see your voluntary payroll deductions, including one for Charity, with these details on your Harvard Community Gifts deductions:

  • The per-pay-period deduction you have elected
  • The goal amount (total for the year) you pledged
  • The goal balance (the amount deducted so far this calendar year)