Harvard Internal Professional Pathways

Designed to promote upward mobility within Harvard, the Harvard Internal Professional Pathways (HIPP) is a customized skill-building program that is primarily designed for hourly service and trades employees. The year-long program consists of three components:

  1. Skills-based courses that are held twice each week
  2. An optional 16-week internship that helps promote the development of new skills and/or provides exposure to another department/field within Harvard
  3. Career coaching and job search support for those who are interested in changing jobs within Harvard

Skills-Based Courses

Courses are offered twice a week as a morning or afternoon session. Courses include:

Foundation Class (required course)
This course emphasizes self-assessment and goal setting, written and oral communication skills, critical thinking, and business etiquette. By applying the strategies of active learning, self-motivation, self-management, and self-awareness, you will experience greater professional, academic, and personal success.

Business Email Writing (required course)
Through case study discussions, this course focuses on developing effective business writing skills and learning to craft professional messages. You will learn to shape the tone of a message, frame and deliver information, and write convincing business emails.

Business Computers (required course)
This course is designed to help you become more confident using computer skills in your professional, personal, and academic life. In addition to covering the basics of word processing and spreadsheets, the course will help you prepare reports, letters, and forms that can be used in everyday business situations.

Introduction to Harvard Financial Systems
In this course, you will explore Harvard’s three main financial programs using Harvard Crimson Online Marketplace (HCOM).

Introduction to OpenScholar®
This course introduces you to OpenScholar’s website management system.

Pronunciation and Diction
Designed for non-native English speakers, this six-week course provides instruction in pronunciation and diction to improve communication with native English speakers.

16-Week Internship

If you’re interested in a career change, the program offers a paid, 16-week internship where you will:

  • Learn new skills and build confidence in your abilities
  • Acquire industry knowledge from professionals in the field
  • Gain valuable experience and identify accomplishments you can add to your resume

Career Coaching and Job Search Support

In addition to career coaching, HIPP students receive support throughout all stages of the job application process, including:

  • Resume review
  • Interview preparation
  • Online profile creation

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