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What is the start date for Fellowships?

Fellowships generally begin in the August to September time frame, depending on the needs of the sponsoring departments and the availability of the selected Fellow.

What is the application timeline for the Fellowship Program?

Following the application deadline, applicants for visiting fellowships will be notified if they have been selected as a semi-finalist in mid-April.   Phone interviews then occur in May and June and possible campus visits and interviews occur during June/early July.    A final announcement of selected visiting fellows occurs in July.

2018 Apr 05

RecruitMilitary Greater Boston Veterans Job Fair

11:00am to 3:00pm


Gillette Stadium


Harvard recruiters will be at the 2018 RecruitMilitary Greater Boston Veterans Job Fair. We look forward to connecting and networking with job seekers! Interested candidates and jobseekers can sign up here.

What is the selection criteria for the program?

  • Student workers are selected through one of Harvard’s community-based partnerships (Boston Private Industry Council, City of Cambridge)
  • Students must be a minimum of 16 years of age (the student must meet this age requirement by July 1)
  • Students must be able to commit to a work schedule (i.e. up to 40 hours/5 days a week)
  • Students must have appropriate waivers (working authorization and health screening approvals) prior to working for Harvard.
  • Hiring managers must be authorized by their local department at Harvard to...
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Does my student need a Harvard ID card?

For the most part, it is highly recommend that students get an Harvard ID card while working on campus. It will provide they are working for the university, but also may be needed for security access to the workplace. If all onboarding paperwork is received in a timely fashion, the student will be able to receive their Harvard ID card during the orientation time period (as long as they bring in the proper identification). Otherwise, the ID can be picked up directly by the student and manager once onboarding paperwork is complete and processed.


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How do we keep track of a student worker's hours?

Your student should enter hours each week in PeopleSoft for your review and approval. You should make it clear to your student to only work hours that you have approved in advance. It is important that hours are entered and approved weekly to ensure that the student worker is paid on time.

Who does the hiring paperwork for my student?

Managers should coordinate with their local HR to make sure all required hiring paperwork is completed before the student's first day of work. This will ensure that all legal documents are received and processed.

Does my student need a work permit?

Yes. If your student is under age 18, he/she must bring a work permit from the school system authorizing him/her to work. Even students who have graduated from high school who are under age 18 will need to supply the work permit. The work permit should be submitted and maintained with all other hiring paperwork.