These workshops focus on the University’s ongoing initiative to foster innovation. Topics include four different innovative mindsets: design thinking, process improvement, problem solving and collaboration.

Collaboration Mindset

This session will explore mindsets that may get in the way of collaboration and principles that foster collaboration. You will learn how to shift or manage paradigms that prevent collaboration such as time and geographic distance. You will also learn three principles to live by that can automatically translate into collaborative behavior.
Cost: $25

Design Thinking Mindset

Design thinking is a deeply human process that taps into abilities we all have but that may get over-looked by more conventional problem-solving practices. Design thinking requires an experimental, collaborative, and optimistic mindset. This workshop will familiarize you with the Design Thinking Mindset in action by immersing you in an in-class design thinking experiment.
Cost: $25

Problem Solving Mindset

In this active workshop you will bring ideas for change within your department and learn a creative problem solving approach to translate those new ideas into action. The key to a good problem solving process is identifying and defining the right problem to solve. This course will be offered both as a webinar and in-person course in FY18.
Cost: $25

Process Improvement Mindset

Through this hands-on workshop you’ll experience a simulated-process and learn tools and concepts for eliminating “waste” and creating value. You will strengthen the lens in which you view a process and have an understanding of detailed steps for improvement.
Cost: $25