Leadership Development

To help you build skills and reach your goals as a leader, the Center for Workplace Development (CWD) offers training, tools, and support through the Harvard Leadership Development Program and leadership coaching services.

Leadership Development Program

The Harvard Leadership Development Program (HLDP) is a competency-based curriculum comprised of five separate programs to address the unique leadership development needs of employees at all levels: support staff, individual contributors, supervisors, mid- to senior-level managers and University executives.

By taking part in assessments, group exercises, and case study discussions, you will enhance your leadership skills and deepen your understanding of your personal leadership style.

To participate, employees should notify their manager and discuss the selection process. You can learn more about the process by reviewing our HLDP: Roles in the Selection Process overview and get more information on the dates and costs in the HLDP Overview.

Leadership Coaching Services

Through one-on-one conversations and 360-degree feedback, CWD’s leadership coaching services are designed to help you build your effectiveness as a leader and reach your professional and organizational goals. CWD has several certified internal coaches, and the University also contracts with external coaches when appropriate. CWD provides coaching for:

  • New leaders, as part of your onboarding plan
  • Senior-level leaders
  • Faculty leaders

To discuss coaching options outside the Harvard Leadership Development Program, please contact your organizational development consultant.