Leadership Development

A great university needs great leaders. Harvard provides the resources, tools, and support to ensure its employees develop into great leaders. Our leadership coaching services and the Harvard Leadership Development Program create a culture, community and learning environment that foster the development of exceptional administrative leaders.

Harvard Leadership Development Program

The Harvard Leadership Development Program has five multiday programs designed specifically for different segments of our talented workforce -- support staff, individual contributors, supervisors, mid- to senior-level managers and university executives, addressing the leadership development needs of each group. Read our HLDP Overview which includes applicant profile, important application dates and costs.

Through assessment tools, large- and small-group exercises, and case studies, you will develop leadership skills, gain a full understanding of your strengths and development needs, and learn to influence and improve the performance of others.

How to Register: Nomination by your manager, generally working with your local HR office, is the first step for participation in the programs. Learn more in the HLDP: Roles in the Selection Process overview.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching builds a leader's capabilities to achieve professional and organizational goals through one-on-one interactions and data from multiple perspectives (often including a 360-degree feedback process). Coaching is based on mutual trust and a partnership that aligns the goals of the coaching with those of the organization. There are several qualified internal coaches in CWD, and the University also uses external coaches when appropriate. 

CWD provides coaching for:

  • New leaders as part of their onboarding plan
  • Executive-level leaders 
  • Faculty leaders

Contact your OD consultant to discuss engaging a leader in coaching outside the Focused Leadership program.