Managing at Harvard

The following classes focus on specific knowledge and skills needed when serving in the role of manager at Harvard. They are designed for people who supervise at least one direct report (employee) and those who supervise a team. A sample of topics explored are communication, managing a team, coaching, and the manager’s role in complying with laws and Harvard policies.

Becoming a Coaching Manager

Coaching is a reflective conversation focused on leveraging and enhancing a staff member’s skills, knowledge, abilities, and perspective to achieve one’s goals and further engagement. This interactive 2-day session will include skill-practice opportunities in a safe environment with manager peers. You will explore the coaching manager’s mindset and practice foundational coaching skills including listening and the use of open-ended questions.
Cost: $75

Communicating at Work for Managers

This session explores communication styles and techniques for effective communication within the nuanced relationship of manager and staff member. You will gain insight into your personal communication style and the impact it has on your team. You will also learn techniques for delivering feedback, asking questions, and listening and how your style my flavor how you use these skills.
NOTE: Some concepts and activities in this workshop are drawn from another CWD course, Communicating at Work. While this session is focused on managerial communication, there is a degree of overlap as great communication skills cross all organizational roles.
Cost: $50

Creating a Strategic Plan

This session will highlight how to formulate a plan, provide an overview of the strategic planning process, and demonstrate how to start with the end in mind. Transitions from planning to implementation will also be covered. You will leave with tools and templates to lead a strategic planning process with your team.
Cost: $50

Interviewing Skills for Hiring Managers

This session will focus on how to interview candidates for a job while being mindful of limited time. You will learn how to assess knowledge, skills, and experience to determine if candidates are qualified for the role, and discuss what should be considered in making the final decision to hire a candidate.
Cost: $25

Managing a Team

Managing a team well can considerably impact performance, engagement and trust on the team. This workshop will explore six characteristics of a high performing team: Common Purpose, Clear Roles, Effective Processes, Accepted Leadership, Excellent Communication, and Solid Relationships. You will learn tools for incorporating these characteristics into your own team and how to use team norms as a way of maintaining them.
Cost: $50

Succession Management

Part of your organization’s success is linked to identifying and developing talent to achieve retention of the best employees and create a strong bench for today and the future. This workshop will focus on clarifying roles and responsibilities for the succession management process; making the compelling case for succession management with senior leaders; creating a succession management strategy; and developing tactics, tips, and tools to support your organizations’ succession efforts.
Cost: $50

Universal Manager Training

This program focuses on equipping managers with the core knowledge and skills required to successfully manage at Harvard. Topics include important laws, policies, and skills necessary for successfully managing people and for creating an environment that is safe, productive and diverse. In an effort to maximize managers’ participation in the program, content will be offered in a blended format (a mix of online and classroom sessions), and periodic discussion on relatable case scenarios.
Cost: $0

Workplace Reasonable Accommodation Request Process

This workshop will provide a foundation of information for inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workplace. Human Resources and University managers will be oriented to the partnership provided by University Disability Services. Participants will be able to define disability and impairment under The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment (ADAAA). A case study will be presented, which will allow participants an opportunity to engage in a critical case analysis discussion.
Cost: $0

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