A solid resume, a well-written cover letter, and relevant job experience help any candidate in their quest for a new position. But networking is a critical tool that often goes overlooked. Good relationships with key people can give you opportunities you might not have otherwise had.

At Harvard, networking events and employee groups offer opportunities for staff to meet and form connections with others that could result in new career opportunities, while also making your time at Harvard more enjoyable and finding like-minded colleagues.

Important Notice: Career Conversation Meetings Canceled Until Further Notice

To align with the University's efforts to minimize non-essential gatherings to address the challenges associated with coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Career Conversation dates are suspended for now. Updates will be posted when they resume.

Monthly Career Conversation Meetings for Current Harvard Staff (only)

Harvard staff asked for ways to more fully understand the many different areas and opportunities at Harvard. The result was a unique set of events called Career Conversation Meetings Across Harvard.

Current Harvard and administrative staff (you must have Harvard Staff ID to participate) are invited to participate in these meetings. They take place at local HR offices on the third Thursday of each month (except December) from 2-4 p.m. Upcoming dates:

What can you learn by attending a Career Conversation meeting? These sessions give you the opportunity to meet one-on-one with local HR officers and learn more about Harvard’s schools and departments, including key initiatives and work environments. They help you to explore your career interests, expand your professional network and strengthen future applications. Learn more in this FAQ. You must sign up in advance (ideally two weeks ahead of the date you would like a meeting) for these one-on-one discussions by submitting a brief questionnaire to the local HR office that you wish to meet with directly. You will receive a confirmed time for a 15-30 minute meeting. Click here to submit a meeting request and to see the list of participating schools and units. You may attend one or all of these sessions by visiting different schools or central departments. (Please schedule only one meeting per month.)

You must prepare in advance for these sessions. Read the Preparation Checklist for details and review these Quick Resume Tips so that you have an up-to-date, effective resume to bring to the meeting.

If you are a current Harvard staff member and have questions related to Career Conversation meetings, please contact For external candidates, please refer to the How to Apply for a Job page.

Networking Podcast

Resources to Prepare for Networking

The following resources and tools help staff prepare to make the most of networking opportunities, like Career Connections. You’re encouraged to take advantage of these materials to become a more agile and confident networker:

Preparing For Career Connections across Harvard - Ideas for before and after networking
How to Prepare as an Internal Candidate – Online Course in the Harvard Training Portal
“Tell Me about Yourself” Statement Template
Networking: Presenting Yourself in the Best Possible Way - Recorded webinar

Campus Networking Groups and Volunteering

In addition to formal networking programs, Harvard's dynamic and engaging community provides many opportunities to pursue personal, social and professional connections. Whether you want to volunteer to tutor employees learning English as a Second Language, practice your French, or network with other IT professionals, you can find what you’re looking for right here.

You're encouraged to learn more about community connections and groups at Harvard and campus volunteer opportunities.