Harvard Freecycle

January 10, 2018
Bring any and all surplus furniture, supplies, and equipment to the Lobby of 124 Mt. Auburn Street on January 19. Clothing, books, office supplies, kitchen goods, toys, baby supplies, tools, hardware and any thing else reusable is welcome here. Click here to learn more.  Read more about Harvard Freecycle

Introduction to Mindfulness

December 20, 2017

This January 22 program introduces the basic principles and practices of mindfulness, a concentrated state of awareness that helps people see and respond to situations with clarity.

Individuals who employ the techniques of mindfulness in their work are able to monitor moment-to-moment effectiveness, respond promptly and appropriately to difficulties as they arise, and remain open to new ideas and...

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Chart of Accounts

December 13, 2017
This introductory class on January 4 provides an understanding of Harvard's Chart of Accounts (CoA) structure and explains the information that is captured about each financial transaction. Learn more hereRead more about Chart of Accounts