ARTS FIRST 2022, May 30

April 27, 2022
The ARTS FIRST Performance Fair features a cappella, dance, music of all kinds, drama, magic, comedy and more. Performances run nonstop 1-5 p.m. and showcase the talent and creativity of Harvard students, faculty, staff and alums. Park yourself at one of the 10 stages in and around Harvard Yard, or wander around to see as much diverse art as you can cram into four hours. DanceFest, a celebration of dance traditions from around the world, takes over the Plaza tent 3-5 p.m.

Navigating Change, May 4

April 20, 2022
This 90-minute virtual workshop will focus on characteristics and perceptions of the different styles of change. We’ll explore the emotional effect, fundamental core concerns, and the impact if they are met or overlooked. Participants will leave with direction towards what they can achieve to feel more comfortable navigating change.  ... Read more about Navigating Change, May 4

Facing and Feeling Grief with Mindful Awareness, April 27

April 13, 2022
Losing a loved one, a job or a relationship can leave us feeling aimless, confused and heartbroken—to the point where it becomes difficult to focus on daily needs. Mindfulness practice provides the steady footing needed to explore how grief shows up in our lives, and experiment with letting it go when our focus needs to be elsewhere. Learn more and register for this session. Read more about Facing and Feeling Grief with Mindful Awareness, April 27