Organizational Development Consulting

Leading and Managing in a Hybrid Work Environment Toolkit

New toolkit and new recorded webinar available to assist leaders with planning for the return to campus and hybrid work models.

To help Harvard executives and faculty leaders manage complex changes and improve their organizational effectiveness, the Center for Workplace Development (CWD) offers organizational development consulting services.

Our organizational development consultants can help you and your team with challenges such as:

  • Before and After-Action Review
    To prepare for change initiatives involving multiple stakeholders, you will learn to set expectations, capture learning, and build shared knowledge.
  • Culture Change
    Support the overall strategic directives of a specific school or unit through targeted, cultural change.
  • Change Management
    Learn to manage and proactively plan for large-scale changes.
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
    Build high-performing organizations that attract and retain engaged, motivated, productive, and diverse talent by cultivating leaders who inspire inclusion and champion diversity.
  • Engagement
    Increase engagement by implementing strategies at the leadership, manager, and employee levels—thereby boosting productivity and bottom-line performance while reducing hiring and retention costs.
  • Executive Coaching
    Accelerate the performance and effectiveness of high-performing and/or high-potential executives and faculty leaders.
  • Innovation
    Empower schools and units to create new opportunities for growth by combining best practices from lean startup, design thinking, creativity tools, strategic communications, and innovation research.
  • Organizational Assessment
    Address the challenges that impede individual and organizational effectiveness.
  • Organizational Design
    Increase effectiveness by helping realize a new organizational strategy.
  • Senior Team Effectiveness
    Resolve suboptimal team performance or dynamics and restore high performance.
  • Strategy Development
    Establish priorities that are essential to an organization’s mission and reflective of the changing environment.
  • Succession Management
    Enhance your ability to quickly fill senior-level positions by proactively identifying key roles and talent.

To learn more about our organizational development consulting services, please contact your Local Human Resources Office or the CWD Relationship Manager for your School/Department.