Orientation and Review Period

Generally, the first 90 days of employment is an orientation and review period (sometimes referred to as the probationary period). During this time both the employee and the supervisor should consider and evaluate the suitability of the placement. Supervisors are encouraged to use this period to review and discuss with the employee his or her progress in meeting the requirements of the position and in adapting to the work environment as a whole.

Although paid time off (vacation, personal and sick days) begins to accrue immediately upon hire, employees are not eligible to take vacation or personal days during the orientation and review period except with the prior approval of their supervisor. Sick pay is accrued at the rate of one day per month of completed service and may be used once accrued.

In certain instances, a longer orientation and review period of up to 180 days may be specified during the hiring process. In other instances, the complexity of the position or changes in departmental staffing or operations may require an extension of the orientation and review period of up to 90 days to fully assess the suitability of the placement. The terms of the extension should be in writing, signed and acknowledged by the employee and discussed in advance with the local human resources office.

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