Other Career Paths

There are many paths to success and fulfillment at Harvard! Teaching and research are at the core of the university’s mission, but Harvard depends on the talents and contributions of all its employees – including department administrators and researchers, web editors and librarians, horticulturalists and museum conservators, police officers and chefs. Our staff are as diverse as the jobs they do. But they share a commitment to Harvard's mission and an excitement about working here.

Could you be part of our real estate team, which manages hundreds of properties? Or help students and work with faculty every day at one of our student services or academic offices? Whatever your background, chances are that Harvard offers a position that matches your interests and skills, with the opportunity to grow, change jobs and build a career.

Here are some stories from people who found their groove at Harvard:

Anabela Amaral Pappas, Pantry Steward, Dining Services

"At Harvard I’m able to do what I do best—decorate and create elaborate theme dinners."
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Meet more of our employees!

As one of the largest employers in Massachusetts, we’re looking for motivated individuals to join our ranks – and grow their careers here. Whether you aspire to work in a laboratory, classroom, office, museum, or library, we encourage you to take a closer look at Harvard.

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