Overview of Paid Sick Time for Employees

Employee Group

Annual Paid Sick Time Awarded 

Maximum Paid Sick Time Bank 

Amount of Paid Sick Time That May be Used Annually for Care of Immediate Family and Household Members

Administrative/ Professional and Nonunion 12 days 130 days 12 days
HUCTW 12 days 130 days 12 days
Area Trades Council (ATC) <3 yrs: 6 days
>3 yrs: 12 days
55 days 6 days
SEIU Local 615 (Custodial) <3 yrs: 6 days
>3 yrs: 12 days
24 days Up to 40 hours
SEIU Local 615 Arboretum 12 days 30 days 12 days
HUSPMGU (Museum Guards/Parking) 12 days 30 days 12 days
UNITE HERE Local 26 (Dining) >1 yr: 5 days
>2 yr: 10 days
>3 yr: 15 days
30 days
If no more than 6 days used per year
6 days
HUPA Police Officers 12 days 55 days 12 days
Note: Family and dependent care sick days are not provided in addition to regular sick days. Rather, Harvard permits staff to use their own sick time to care for immediate family and household members who are ill or need to isolate/quarantine. This time is tracked separately in PeopleSoft.

Subject to eligibility and circumstances, other paid time off and pay continuation benefits can include:

Unpaid, job-protected leave is also available under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Updated:  4/2/2022