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Support for New Parents

To help you connect with other parents we suggest:

New Parents - Special Support Through Harvard's Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Going back to work after having or adopting a child can be challenging for all parents. Harvard’s EAP provides support and resources to ease this transition. Harvard’s EAP provides unlimited telephonic counseling with licensed clinicians that can support new parents who may be experiencing a variety of emotions and/or difficulties adapting to this change. These clinicians can provide information around various issues that coincide with having a new child (i.e. postpartum depression, anxiety, stress management, marital issues, sleep challenges, etc.).

Not only can bringing a new child into the family system lead to an increased need for mental health assistance, but it can also provide concerns around childcare for working parents. Harvard’s EAP has work-life specialists that can make searching for childcare options easy for new parents. Harvard’s EAP can provide resources around different types of childcare, whether this is in the home or outside of the home.

To learn more about this program, please contact the EAP at 877-EAP-HARV (877-327-4278) to get started.  You can also visit the child care and parenting section of the EAP's website.