Plan Rates & Features

Active Faculty and Staff Health Plan Rates and Plan Comparison Charts

Rates are based on your full-time salary. If you work part-time, your monthly contribution will be based on the full-time equivalent of your salary (the amount you would earn if working full time at your same rate of pay).

Note about benefit plan deductions: January 5, 2018 paychecks reflect final deductions for any benefit enrollments for 2017. Your 2018 benefit enrollments and deductions will be shown in the next pay period. 

2018 Benefit Rates and Health Plan Comparison Charts

Retiree Health Rates and Plan Comparison Charts 

Must meet eligibility; please review our Retiree Health Coverage overview for more information.

2018 Retiree Plan Rates

2018 Senior Plan Comparison Charts: Plan information if you or a covered dependent is age 65 or over