These courses focus on developing the skills necessary to increase your efficiency and competency at work. A sample of topics explored are process design, project management, getting organized, and general advice for increasing your productivity in the workplace.

Being an Effective Faculty Assistant

This workshop will cover tools and techniques to empower you as an effective faculty assistant. We will discuss the importance of establishing a productive and communicative partnership with your faculty member(s). In addition, we will explore resources to problem-solve and effectively manage and meet work expectations while appreciating style differences.
Cost: $50

Excelling as a New Assistant

This webinar is designed for newer support staff in their role less than six months. Key topics include: communication skills, organizational awareness, working with your boss(es), as well as an introduction to the important skill of managing up.
Cost: $25

Getting Organized

This online course helps you tackle your time and space management challenges. Referencing David Allen's book, Getting Things Done, as a model, you'll start a process that suits your needs for managing your priorities and simplify your life at work. Note: this is an online course, not an in-person workshop.
Cost: $25

Project Management

In this introductory workshop, you will learn and apply a framework to initiate, define, plan, and schedule a project. This course is intended for people leading a project who have little or no formal training in the project management process seeking an introduction to key concepts. Through this hands-on approach you apply tools and techniques and develop a project plan. Note: this workshop does not teach the use of project management software. Please see our offering of Microsoft Project for information on that topic.
Cost: $75

Start Your Process Redesign

This course introduces you to process improvement tools and techniques from LEAN Management that you will be able to implement with your team. You will experience process assessment and redesign through a “hands on” approach that includes a simulation and exercises. You will also have the opportunity to apply the tools and concepts to one of your current processes.
Cost: $75

Stress-Free Productivity

This workshop will reference the principle of Kaizen, which uses small steps for continual improvement in habits and processes. Increase your personal effectiveness – recognizing that building on incremental, continuous improvements may help you win your war with productivity.
Cost: $50