Service Milestone Gifts

Congratulations on your service anniversary! You are invited to browse the online gift catalog, and when you're ready, order a gift at one of the Web Sites listed below.

For customer service relating to your gift, shipping, returns or exchanges please contact O.C. Tanner Customer Service. Please note that you may order a gift -- from the same or a lower milestone than the one you are celebrating -- by calling O.C. Tanner.  

Phone: 888-708-7080 (general customer service, special ordering from a lower milestone level)
Phone:  888-750-2333 (automated gift ordering at current milestone level) 

Please browse the catalog and select your service milestone gift here if you work at:For questions about how service milestone recognition works at your school or department, please contact:
Harvard Business
Graduate School of
Harvard Divinity
Faculty of Arts and
Harvard Graduate School of (staff) (faculty)
Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied
Harvard Kennedy
Harvard Law
Harvard Medical
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced
Harvard School of Dental
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public
Central Administration and All Other
(Campus Services staff only)
(All other staff and faculty in Central Administration and allied institutions)