General Service Credit

General Service Credit applies only to paid time off policies and eligibility for the Tuition Assistance Program. The vacation leave accrual and the short term disability program become more generous for employees with longer service; tuition assistance requires minimum amounts of service at the University before an employee is eligible to participate.

Unless specifically noted below, general service credit will not be given for the period the employee is not employed by the University.

A. Regular Terminations

If an employee leaves the employ of the University for any reason except layoff or military service after having completed one year of uninterrupted regular employment and returns to regular University employment, general credit for service prior to the termination will be granted after the employee has completed his/her new orientation and review period. Therefore, after the one year of uninterrupted service, that year and all subsequent periods of regular employment of three months or more, regardless of breaks, will be counted toward general service credit.

B. Termination Due to Lay Off

If a regular employee was laid off and returns to regular employment at the University within two years of the layoff, general credit for service prior to the termination will be granted if the employee had completed more than three months of continuous regular employment at the time of termination. This provision is applicable to employees rehired after July 1970.

In such a situation, the employee is credited upon rehire with general service credit s/he had accrued plus the period of time s/he did not work for the University in between positions. However, such service credit does not apply to any benefits that were cashed out upon termination.

C. Military Service

If an employee returns to regular University employment within the applicable statutory period, s/he will be credited upon return with the general service credit for previous University service s/he had accrued plus credit for the period of military leave of absence. This general service credit will be counted toward tuition assistance benefits, sick leave and vacation accrual.

Last updated: 04/16/2009