ID Cards

A. Purpose of Card

Members of the Harvard community are issued identification (ID) cards that should be carried at all times while on University property. These cards grant access to buildings and services and confer certain privileges. Special building access cards can be obtained for temporary employees or consultants; these ID cards do not have any other usage.

Employees' spouses, domestic partners and dependents are not eligible for an ID card unless they live in University Housing.

B. Terms of Use

ID cards are issued by the Campus Service Center. Expired cards are not renewed automatically. If your ID card is about to expire, please visit the Campus Service Center and a representative will issue a new card while you wait. ID cards cannot be mailed.

Harvard ID cards are not transferable to other individuals under any circumstances.

Employees must surrender their ID cards to their supervisors at the time of their termination from employment at the University.

C. ID Card Office Locations

Campus Service Center, Cambridge:
Smith Campus Center 807
1350 Massachusetts Ave.

Longwood ID Office
Kresge Building
677 Huntington Ave.

Harvard Business School Operations Office
Shad Hall, Lower Level

D. Types of Cards

Harvard issues several types of ID cards to identify the various groups of the University affiliates including student, faculty, employee, and retiree.

E. Privileges and Access

Depending on the nature of the card, ID cards may be used for library privileges, access to some Harvard athletic facilities, membership in the Harvard Cooperative Society, use of the Harvard University Housing Office, and other services that require proof of Harvard employment.

F. Replacing ID Cards

If an employee's ID card is lost or stolen, he or she must report this to the Campus Service Center in person, and the card will be replaced immediately. If it is not possible to visit the Campus Service Center promptly, the card can be disabled by using the self-service "Card Disable application".

Last updated: 07/15/2011