University and/or Local Orientation

Orientation for all new employees is essential to the future relationship of the employee to their department and the University. Orientation helps establish effective communication as well as provide specific information needed by new employees.

A. Local and Departmental Orientation

The department supervisor and/or human resources department is encouraged to conduct local orientations. Hiring units have the responsibility to provide new employees with an explanation of how the department functions and how the department relates to the University as a whole.

A local orientation may include discussions on the unit’s history and culture, introduction to co-workers and other colleagues with whom the new employee will interact and the identification of resources necessary to perform the duties of the job. Local departments are also required to provide each new employee with copies of various University policies, including the University Policy on Sexual Harassment, the University Policy on Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace, and computer use policies.

B. University Orientation

In addition to the local orientation, each new employee is strongly encouraged to attend the New Employee Orientation given by Harvard Human Resources. Sessions are held regularly in Cambridge at CWD, 124 Mt. Auburn Street.

Supervisors should make every effort to allow new employees to attend this orientation within 30 days of their start date.

C. Benefits Enrollment for New Employees

New benefits eligible employees are given 30 days from their start date to sign up for coverage under the appropriate benefit plans. Enrollment information, plan descriptions, and an invitation to the University New Employee Orientation are included in a package sent to the new employee’s home address upon hire.

Last updated: 12/03/2012