Listing and Advertising a Position Opening

The University's posting and hiring policies include three equally important goals:

1) Identify and attract qualified applicants, including recruitment and outreach to minorities, women, people with disabilities, and Vietnam era and disabled veterans;

2) Encourage strong consideration be given in any hiring decisions to a qualified current employee, particularly one with longer service, who faces or has faced within the previous two years the loss of their position due to a reduction in staff; and

3) Encourage the career growth of current employees.

A. Definition of an Applicant

An applicant is any person who has applied directly to a specific and discrete open position or has been identified by Harvard for consideration (typically by a local human resources office) for a specific posted position at Harvard University.

B. Posting a Position

All regular non-teaching positions should be listed with Recruitment Services at Harvard Human Resources as soon as it is determined that an opening exists. This is done by posting the position on ASPIRE, Harvard’s web-based recruitment management system.

Compliance with affirmative action reporting requirements require that all applicants are directed to ASPIRE to formally apply for a job.

C. First Date of Hire

For Administrative and Professional Staff and Non-bargaining Unit Support Staff openings, offers of employment may not be made during the first 10 business days after posting. Start dates may not precede the offer date.

Openings should be listed whenever possible for more than the required minimum number of days so that additional time is available for the recruitment of qualified minorities, women, persons with disabilities and Vietnam era and disabled veteran candidates in accordance with the University's Affirmative Action Plan and to provide for the full consideration of qualified internal candidates.

Last updated: 02/02/10