A. Regular Vacation Accrual

Employees covered by this manual accrue annual vacation as follows:




Professional and administrative employees with up to 5 years of service

4 weeks per year

30 days

Non-bargaining unit support staff employees with up to five years of service

3 weeks per year

30 days

Professional and administrative staff and non-bargaining unit Support Staff with five or more years of service

4 weeks per year

40 days

Full-time administrative/professional employees accrue vacation at the rate of 1-2/3 days per month of completed service. Non-bargaining unit support staff accrue 1-1/4 days of vacation per month. An employee who begins work before the 16th of the month is entitled to a full month's credit toward vacation; an employee who begins work on or after the 16th of the month does not earn vacation credit for that calendar month.

a) A new employee begins accruing vacation immediately, but generally no vacation may be taken until a minimum of three months of continuous service has been completed.

b) Vacation accrual is prorated, as described in Section 1 of this policy.

c) Employees will not normally accrue vacation beyond the maximum allowable total. However, if an employee is asked to forego taking accrued vacation time due to departmental workload, such earned vacation time should be added to the total accrual, even if the new total exceeds the allowable maximum. Under these circumstances, the department must secure in advance the approval of the local human resources dean or director, and must make arrangements that the time carried forward be taken within the next six-month period. Such exceptional arrangements must be documented in writing.

B. Bonus Vacation Days after 15 Years of Service

In addition to the above, all longer-service employees receive an allotment of bonus vacation days for every five years worked, beginning at 15 years of service. This extra vacation is granted (rather than accrued) in a lump sum in the month of the anniversary. The time may be used at the discretion of the employee, provided the extra vacation days are taken within the 5-year period following the anniversary. Longer Service Bonus Vacation is granted as follows:

Years of Service Completed

Bonus Vacation Days

15 years

20 years

25 years

30 years

35 years

40 years

45 years

50 years

5 days

10 days

20 days

25 days

30 days

35 days

40 days

45 days

Pay in lieu of this bonus vacation may be granted only if the employee retires or terminates prior to using it or by mutual agreement between the department and the employee.

C. Other Vacation Policies

Employees on an unpaid leave of absence do not accrue vacation, but the period of the leave is counted when calculating the service required for longer service vacation time.

When an employee transfers from one department to another, the former department is responsible for covering the cost of all accrued longer-service vacation not yet taken at the time of the transfer unless the new department agrees to different arrangements.

Employees working in a term position are expected to take their accrued vacation before the end of their appointment.

Upon termination of employment for any reason, an employee will be paid for any vacation time earned but not taken, except in the case of term appointees who have been notified in advance that they will be required to use vacation before the end of their appointments and that they will not be paid for unused accrued vacation. Any special termination arrangements must include payment for such time. Employees will not be paid for any time accrued beyond the maximum allowable total, except when prior arrangements have been made.

Generally, any vacation requests immediately prior to an employee’s last day of employment are discouraged, and should be reviewed with HR or OLER.

Pay in lieu of vacation is not permitted for continuing employees. Exceptions to this policy will be made only when staffing and workload have made it impossible for the employee to take time off. In these rare instances, and with the approval of supervisor and local human resources office, a payment in lieu of vacation will be granted only to bring a vacation bank below the maximum days and to avoid forfeit of days accrued

Any questions concerning vacation policy should be referred to the local human resources office or the Office of Labor and Employee Relations.

Last updated: 07/29/2020