Paid Time Off

If I take an absence that my manager has not yet approved, will my pay be reduced in some way?

No, late reporting or approving of absence requests will not reduce pay, but it is likely to delay financial reporting of the absence and the subsequent reimbursement from the central funding pool of vacation time.

Also, if you’re at your maximum vacation amount and take time off, but that absence doesn't get reported or approved, vacation accrual for that month will not be added to the total. It will appear to be forfeited. (Although this can be corrected retroactively.) 

What if I need to change an approved absence request?

If you submit an absence request for, but decide you will not be taking the time off:

  • For a future week, you can cancel the request yourself in PeopleSoft.
  • For the current week, ask the person who approves your time to cancel the request. Please contact your manager by noon on Friday.

What if I forget to enter a vacation or sick day?

 If you did not report an absence for a prior week:

  • If the absence was less than 60 days ago, contact the person who approves your time.
  • If the absence was more than 60 days ago, contact your department's absence administrator.