Talent Acquisition and Diversity

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At Talent Acquisition and Diversity (TAD), we’re dedicated to improving and enhancing the talent acquisition and selection process across the University. We’re committed to strengthening recruiting and sharing best practices; achieving greater staff diversity by improving diversity outreach and collaborating with the schools; and enhancing the candidate and manager experience in the recruitment process. Finally, we strive to ensure compliance with a fair hiring and selection process.

We believe that Harvard University should be an employer of choice for candidates of all backgrounds and disciplines. As a member of the Center for Workplace Development, we seek to provide expertise and consultation to hiring managers on finding, attracting, and selecting talent. We strive to be the central strategic staffing group of the University.

We do all that in a variety of ways. We:

HR staff, including recruiters and generalists, can learn more about us on our page on the HR intranet. (Note: This is a HarvardKey secured page.) Prospective candidates can discover possible job opportunities on the Harvard Careers job portal and learn more about the application process in our FAQs.

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Talent Acquisition and Diversity Team:

Michelle Gordon-Seemore: Director, Talent Acquisition and Diversity
Rebecca Bearse: Diversity & Inclusion Project Manager, AFP
Kristina Paolini: Senior Talent Acquisition Project Manager