Talent Development Program

A seven-month cohort program for executives in grades 60+ that is offered every-other-year, the Talent Development Program provides a number of comprehensive development opportunities, including:

  • Exposure to senior leaders across the University.
  • Faculty-led leadership development sessions that focus on timely topics such as creating culture, inclusion, innovation, and leadership in higher education.
  • Group mentoring led by University leaders.
  • Individual coaching sessions with an executive coach from the Center for Workplace Development.

Specific dates are provided to the cohort of participants once they are accepted to the program.

Schedule and Nomination Process

The Talent Development Program typically runs October through April and the anticipated time commitment is 10 hours per month.

Qualified candidates are nominated through their School/Unit. Participants are generally identified as high-performers two levels below vice president or administrative dean and who have the potential for upward mobility. For more information, please contact your Local Human Resources Office.