Universal Manager Training Program

The Universal Manager Training (UMT) program is a multiday program designed to give managers at Harvard everything they need to know and do in their role.

The program covers laws and policies a manager needs to know (such as Title IX, employment laws and flexible work arrangements) and gives managers training and practice with key interpersonal skills such as delegation, feedback and coaching. To accommodate busy schedules and provide you with the best learning experience possible, content is offered in a blended format—a mix of online and classroom sessions—as well as real-life case studies that are discussed with a panel of subject matter experts from across the University. Over the course of three half-days you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of your role, which goes beyond managing people and includes the stewardship of Harvard’s values
  • Delve into the community standards, policies, and laws related to managing others at Harvard
  • Learn how to create a safe, productive work environment and mitigate risks related to workplace behaviors

Who Should Attend

UMT is for managers with supervisory responsibilities, including hiring, training, coaching, and performance management, and who have at least one direct report. Because access to program offerings are limited to managers, please email training@harvard.edu if you believe you are eligible for this program.