Vote 2020



Countdown to Election Day

Important Dates

  • Voter Registration Deadline: Saturday, October 24th
  • Request Mail-in Ballot Deadline: Saturday, October 24th
  • Send Your Mail-in Ballot Deadline: October 28th
  • Early Voting In-person: October 17th - October 30th
  • In-Person Voting Day: Tuesday, November 3rd

If you choose Mail-in Ballot: Voters are strongly encouraged to send in all documents two weeks earlier than the deadline listed above

Know Your Voting Rights!

Massachusetts Voter Resources

National Voter Resources

To get help or ask questions, contact Harvard Bridge at or call 617-384-7618.

  • Get answers to your voting questions
  • Get help through each step of the voting process
  • Get help at all English proficiency levels
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