Contingent Workforce

Managing Contingent Work at Harvard

In April 2018, Harvard made significant changes to better manage its contingent -- or temporary -- workforce. 

  • We adopted a new business model for hiring and paying contingent labor -- specifically, temps from staffing agencies and Harvard-identified resources who are externally-payrolled, typically because they live and work out-of-state.
  • We entered into a new business partnership with a vendor-neutral managed service provider (MSP), DZConneX (formerly, Yoh). DZConneX will rationalize and then optimize the supply base over time.
  • We implemented a new vendor management system (or VMS), Fieldglass. The system is being used by Harvard Managers, the MSP, suppliers, and contingent workers. It is allowing us to automate the new process from "req to check" and provide complete visbility into the details of Harvard's spend.

The main goals of the program are to:

  • reduce the administrative burden associated with finding qualified contingent talent, contracting, and paying invoices;
  • save 10% on Harvard's contingent workforce spend;
  • rationalize and then optimize a highly-fragmented supply base;
  • reduce operational, legal and compliance risks.

Since the program’s inception in 2018, all Harvard tubs have now joined the Managed Services Program (MSP). To date, over $7M has been saved across the university.

Contingent Workforce Local Implementation Managers

All Harvard schools and departments should obtain hourly-paid contingent resources exclusively from enrolled staffing agencies via the MSP.  Please contact the Local Implementation Manager (LIM) with questions about how the MSP works in your area.

Contact Information

For all support, questions and issues, please email the onsite DZConneX Program Management Office (PMO) or call 617-495-1508. Though working remotely currently, they are normally located at 124 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge and are available during regular business hours.

Information Sessions

The DZConneX Program Management Office offers monthly information sessions for interested Harvard managers. The 2022 information session schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday, July 14: 1-2PM EDT/EST
  • Tuesday, August 9: 1-2PM EDT/EST
  • Thursday, September 22: 2-3PM EDT/EST
  • Thursday, October 13: 1-2PM EDT/EST
  • Thursday, November 10: 1-2PM EDT/EST
  • Thursday, December 8: 1-2PM EDT/EST

To register for a session, email with the preferred date and you will be added to the corresponding calendar invite.