March 2018

Turn College Prep Stress into Success


Standardized tests. Applications. Essays. College visits. Grades. Financial aid. They’re all part of the college preparatory experience – and while it’s an exciting time, the process can also be overwhelming for students and parents alike. To help you enjoy more (and stress less), Harvard offers a variety of college prep resources and programs as well as support services for you and your teen.

Wondering whether your family qualifies for financial aid? Trying to unravel the mystery of the FAFSA? If so, you’re not alone. Plan ahead by registering for a college planning program on decoding financial aid or saving for college. In the midst of the application process? Learn how to compare award letters by attending a webinar from Harvard University Employees Credit Union.

Get more help by tapping into Employee Assistance Program resources, like financial consultations and free counseling, available to any member of your household (including stressed-out high school students who are trying to balance dance team with SAT prep, college tours, and classwork).

The Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Usable Knowledge site has practical information and articles, like Apply Yourself and Taming the Admissions Anxiety.

Growing your Professional Skills


It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic lives of the students she serves, but for Nada El-Newahy, academic advisor to Harvard graduate students at the Division of Continuing Education, making sure that she is delivering exactly what students need is a top priority. To ensure that she would be able to make the greatest possible impact in her role, Nada turned to the Center for Workforce Development (CWD). It was through its classes that she was able to identify her strengths and start putting them into practice in the workplace.

Says Nada, “I’ve implemented learnings from my CWD classes already, and even as a new employee, I feel I’ve already improved in my job. I now better evaluate my work to ensure that I am contributing where I can have the most impact and my skillset can bring the most value.”

At Harvard, we want to set you up for success from day one. Whether you’re new to our team or a seasoned veteran, check out our course catalog, where you’ll find self-assessment tools and programs to grow your professional skills. Sign up today! (See other CWD stories here.)

Learning & Growth

Advance your professional goals with job opportunities and career development classes specifically for Harvard employees.

  • Find out how to put together a resume that highlights the skills that hiring managers want by attending our interactive workshop Creating Your Best Resume (HarvardKey required).
  • Want to advance your career at Harvard? Explore exciting growth and networking opportunities at Career Conversation Meetings Across Harvard, which take place the third Thursday of every month.
  • From business skills to web design, Harvard offers more than 6,000 online training courses though lyndaCampus—for free! Click here to sign up for your free membership.

Living & Working

A life well lived holds many challenges. That's why we offer programs to help you navigate the twists and turns along the way.

  • Did you know Harvard's Employee Assistance Program helps managers with work-related concerns? Learn more by attending our Manager Overview WebEx on March 20.
  • Planning for care and exploring options for your little ones? Visit on-campus child care center open houses to see if one of the centers is right for you.
  • Have you checked our Work/Life Program Calendar? There, you can sign up for programs ranging from practicing mindfulness and managing eldercare to exploring flexible work arrangements and paying for college.

Finances & Security

From finances to self-defense to rides home, Harvard wants you to be prepared.

  • Have you reviewed your retirement accounts lately? If you are eligible for a Basic Retirement Account (generally, members of HUPA, HUSPMGU, SEIU Local 615, and Local 26 as well as staff employed before July 1, 2000), you can request a retirement benefit estimate from the HURC at 1-800-527-1398.
  • Learn empowering safety tactics and self-defense techniques through the Harvard University Police Department’s free self-defense classes.
  • Need to get home in a pinch? The Emergency Ride Home program reimburses commuters up to $100 per trip, four times a year, for emergency rides back to their residence.

Mind & Body

Sharpen your mind, strengthen your body, and reduce stress with the support of these Harvard resources.

  • Invest in your wellbeing with affordable on-campus therapies—including massage and acupuncture—at the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion. Make an appointment today!
  • Get moving (and go green) by joining the Take the Stairs campaign (HarvardKey required). Registration for this fun and team-oriented University-wide competition opens March 5.
  • Check out articles and updates on wellbeing topics on the Harvard Health Blog, courtesy of Harvard Medical School and Harvard Health Publishing.