November 2018

Open Enrollment


Chances are, there will come a time when you’ll need legal counsel—whether you’re looking to purchase or sell a home, adopt a child, or draw up a will. To help you with these everyday personal legal matters, Harvard offers a variety of resources.

When it comes to your legal benefits, you have three options, designed to meet a wide range of personal and family situations:

  1. Hyatt Legal Plan: The most in-depth coverage, this plan provides fully covered legal services for you, your spouse/domestic partner, and your dependents, from attorneys who specialize in estate planning, civil suits, adoption, and more. You can only enroll in this coverage for 2019 during Open Enrollment (now through November 14) or as a new employee.
  2. Harvard’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Through the EAP, you and any member of your household can consult with a lawyer by phone, free of charge. If after the confidential consultation you wish to retain legal representation, the EAP can refer you to an attorney who provides services at a 25% discount.
  3. Supplemental Life Insurance: When you enroll in Supplemental Life Insurance, you and your spouse or domestic partner can access free will preparation (including living will and power of attorney) and estate resolution/probate services. To learn more, call 800-821-6400 and use group number 109929.


Get ready—the holidays are right around the corner! While there’s much to look forward to during this season, the “most wonderful time of the year” can bring its fair share of stressors. In fact, one survey revealed that 62% of people find their stress levels “very or somewhat” elevated during the holidays.

With packed schedules and extra demands, it can be easy to get off track with your wellness goals. A common culprit? Stress eating. With grandma’s pumpkin pie and office party hors d’oeuvres around every corner, this unhealthy coping mechanism is easy to fall into when anxiety strikes. Enjoy the foods of the holiday season—while still caring for your wellbeing—by following these tips:

  • Get moving: During the party-heavy holiday season, it’s more important than ever to schedule intentional time for exercise. Investing in your physical health can benefit your emotional, intellectual, and relational wellbeing as well.
  • Pack in the nutrients: Pass on the sugary treats and opt for healthy snacks when possible. Eating nutritious foods can increase your energy, productivity, and self-esteem, and improve your mood.
  • Try mindful eating: Before eating, pause and ask questions such as, “How am I feeling right now? How do I feel about this particular food?” Mindful eating can help you identify emotional triggers that push you toward unhealthy food habits.
  • Stay up-to-date: Discover the latest healthy living information and tips through The Nutrition Source, from the T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Want to promote healthy holiday eating at work? Don’t miss Harvard’s new Sustainable Meeting and Event Guide. Promoting sustainable diets contributes to food security, human health, animal welfare, natural resource preservation, and climate change mitigation. Now that’s a reason to celebrate!

Mind & Body

From flu vaccinations to scheduled downtime, a little prevention and planning can help you stay healthy—and help keep others healthy, too.

  • It’s not too late to protect yourself against the flu! Just visit one of our walk-in flu vaccination clinics, open to any adult with a Harvard or HUGHP ID.
  • Be sure to make your Open Enrollment (OE) benefit decisions by Wednesday, November 14. Remember: OE is your only opportunity to increase your Supplemental Life Insurance by one level without a Statement of Health.
  • The new year is right around the corner—start making plans by downloading the 2019 Holiday Calendar PDF.

Learning & Growing

Whether you want to take a graphic design course or innovate a solution to a campus challenge, Harvard provides resources that fit the bill.

  • Meet the 2018 President’s Administrative Innovation Fund Recipients—eight staff teams whose creative projects are enhancing our ability to serve faculty and students.
  • With more than 4,700 (free!) online training courses offered on lyndaCampus, it’s hard to know where to start. Try our Innovation playlist (HarvardKey required) to jump start your out-of-the-box thinking.
  • New to Harvard or using the Harvard Training Portal to enroll in a program for the first time? Our Help Section (HarvardKey required) has tips and tools to make it easy. Some Center for Workplace Development (CWD) classes have fees, so be sure to include your billing code when you enroll.

Living & Working

No matter what challenges come your way, Harvard offers resources to support you, both on and off the job.

  • Did you know Harvard offers specific resources to support military personnel and their families? Learn more on the Work/Life Military Support page.
  • Learn to recognize the signs of stress overload—and gain strategies for handling stressful situations—at our interactive webinar Boost Your Resilience. Register here.
  • Exploring adoption? The Harvard Adoption Assistance Plan can provide up to $5,000 to assist with adoption costs. To learn more or request an application, email childcare_scholarships@harvard.edu.

Finances & Security

As a Harvard employee, you qualify for a variety of discounts from campus partners.

  • Get deals on rental cars, moving services, video equipment, and more, through personal discounts from Harvard Strategic Procurement (HarvardKey required).
  • Need a ride? Gain convenient 24/7 access to cars, vans, and trucks through a Zipcar membership—only $15 per year for Harvard employees!
  • Partner with the Harvard University Employee Credit Union (HUECU) to save on your heating bill this winter. Through HUECU, you can obtain a 0% APR loan to assist with the installation of qualifying energy-efficient home improvements.

Thank You Veterans