June 2018

A Healthy Partnership


You’re not the only one planning some downtime this summer. After six issues, our wellbeing newsletter is taking a well-deserved break! We’ll be back in September with plenty of tips and insights into how you can pursue wellness in your daily life with the help of Harvard resources.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you! What did you like about this newsletter? Anything you’d like to see included in future issues? Please feel free to share your thoughts so we can make sure this newsletter continues to serve as a valuable asset for our community.

We also encourage you to revisit some of our most popular topics from the past few months:

We’ll see you in the fall!

Protect Your Data; Protect Your Identity


From email and social media to banking and shopping, we spend an increasing amount of our lives online, putting ourselves at risk of a growing threat: cybercrime.

To help you protect your online information, check out these useful tips from Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT):

  1. Use unique passwords for every account and for added protection, consider a password manager. To help you create and keep track of your passwords, Harvard offers free LastPass Personal Premium. One approach? Create a passphrase—a string of words with more than 21 characters, like AppleBalloonCakeDream$—and remember, never reuse your HarvardKey.
  2. Avoid fraudulent bank or credit card charges by signing up for free transaction alerts.
  3. Want to avoid being phished? Don’t click on links or attachments in suspicious messages, even if they appear to be sent by someone you trust. Before responding to an email asking you to verify an account number or provide personal information, visit the official website or contact the sender (outside of email) to verify that the message is legitimate. If you receive a phishing email at work, forward it to phishing@harvard.edu.
  4. Cyber threats constantly change, so make sure your antivirus software is always up to date. Learn how to install and check your software on HUIT’s Personal Device Security Guidelines page.
  5. If your personal data has been compromised and you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, check your policy to see if it covers identity theft.

For more information about protecting your personal information, visit the Harvard University Employees Credit Union CyberSecurity page or check out these videos from HUIT. If you’re an IT project manager, consider attending our June 14 seminar What Do Project Managers Need to Know about Cybersecurity?

Mind & Body

Make the most of the sunny days ahead, and stay active with these outdoor events and amenities.

Learning & Growing

Get help achieving your personal and professional goals by taking advantage of cross-university opportunities.

  • It’s never too late to learn. The Harvard Bridge Program offers classes such as U.S. Citizenship, High School preparation, English skills, and Career Development, all specifically designed for adult learners.
  • Sharpen your communication skills in this interactive workshop (HarvardKey required), where you’ll explore critical elements of effective, meaningful, verbal communication.
  • Explore your career interests and meet hiring managers from other Harvard schools and departments at our next Career Conversation Meetings Across Harvard on June 21.

Living & Working

Find greater balance in the time you spend at work and outside the office by tapping into these resources.

  • Check out the newly released Summer/Fall 2018 Work/Life Program Calendar to sign up for a free class on mindfulness, a webinar on college planning, or dozens of other options.
  • Wondering how to raise kids in the digital age? Learn how to talk to children and adolescents about technology and social media in Harvard’s Employee Assistance Program webinar, provided by KGA.
  • You can apply for our childcare scholarships program starting July 11. Non-union staff, faculty, and postdocs with children younger than 13 can find more information about this program here.

Finances & Security

Harvard offers many ways to pursue and maintain financial wellness at every stage of life.