Disability and Life Insurance

Harvard offers disability benefits and life insurance to help you take care of yourself and provide for your family in the case of loss of income.

  • Some programs are provided at no cost, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria, while others are optional, with costs based your age and/or the amount of your coverage.
  • In addition, most employees are covered by workers’ compensation during their employment for work-related incidents causing injury or illness.

Benefits Open Enrollment 2019: October 31-November 14

The annual Benefits Open Enrollment period is your chance to review your benefit options and choose the ones that best meet your needs. For 2019, Supplemental Life Insurance will add a new coverage level of 6x salary, up to new maximum coverage of $2.5 million.

Special opportunity during Open Enrollment: If you currently have Supplemental Life Insurance, you can increase coverage by one salary level with no Statement of Health, e.g., from 2x salary to 3x salary. You must make this change in PeopleSoft Self Service (link) during the two-week Open Enrollment period if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, with new coverage effective January 1, 2019. (You may also increase your coverage by more than one level by completing a Statement of Health, with additional coverage will be effective as of date approved by MetLife.)

To learn about all the 2019 changes, your choices and new options, visit Open Enrollment 2019.

Coverage Options

Short Term Disability (STD)

Harvard provides eligible employees with STD benefits of up to 26 weeks in a 52-consecutive week period due to injury or illness. You do not need to enroll and there is no cost to you. Please refer to our STD Overview for more information.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

LTD helps you replace your salary and protect your financial security if you are unable to work due to injury or illness for more than 180 calendar days. You must enroll in this benefit to be eligible to receive coverage. Please refer to our LTD Overview for more information.

Change to Harvard's Disability Insurance Carrier: Effective June 1, 2017, Harvard's carrier for STD and LTD changed to Lincoln Financial Group (formerly Liberty Mutual). If you became disabled before June 1, 2017, your claim and benefits will continue to be handled through The Standard.

Life Insurance

Harvard’s provides eligible employees with free Basic Coverage equal to one-half annual base salary. You do not need to enroll in this coverage. You may also purchase Supplemental Life Insurance for yourself as well as Dependent coverage for eligible dependents. Please refer to our Life Insurance Overview for more information. You must designate a beneficiary for your life insurance.

If you enroll in Supplemental Life Insurance, you and your spouse/domestic partner can access free will preparation and estate resolution/probate services as well as additional services. Call 800-821-6400; use group number 109929.

Harvard provides free Business Travel coverage if you die or are seriously injured or disabled as the result of an accident that occurs while you’re traveling on University business.

Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance

LTC insurance helps you and your family members pay for nursing or at-home care in case of chronic illness or physical or cognitive disability. Harvard provides access to group LTC insurance through Genworth Life Insurance Company. Other family members may also be eligible to apply for LTC. Please visit Genworth Life Insurance for full details (use Group ID: Harvard; Code: groupltc).

Workers’ Compensation

This state-mandated program provides temporary income in the event you experience a work-related injury or illness that prevents you from performing your job. No enrollment is necessary for this coverage. The third-party administrator is PMA Companies.  Please refer to our Workers’ Compensation Overview for more information.