Ten Percent Happier App

Harvard University offers benefits-eligible faculty and staff free access to the Ten Percent Happier mindfulness app.

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TPH 30% Discount for Family Members and Harvard University Retirees

Benefits-eligible faculty and staff can offer their family members a discount for the Ten Percent Happier App. Retirees are also eligible for this discount. Retirees and family members will be able to purchase this subscription at 30% off, or $69.99/ year. Use this link to register.

Why A Mindfulness App?

Maybe you’ve already found mindfulness to be an effective and accessible approach to coping with stress, distraction and anxiety and are ready to take your mindfulness practice further. Maybe you’re eager to try it out for the first time. You might just be a curious skeptic.

Whoever you are, the Ten Percent Happier app can help you discover, evaluate, establish, renew, or grow your mindfulness practice. And you can carry the app with you, anywhere.

What Does The App Offer?

You’ll have unlimited access to topic-focused meditations, talks, daily features – even personal coaches. You can jump right into over 350 guided meditations, or you can start at the beginning and let some of the world’s leading experts teach you the basics. The app offers a variety of approaches so you can find the best approach for you.

How Do I Get The App?

Just download the Ten Percent Happier app from your app store. Your Harvard email address should confirm your eligibility for free and full access. Follow the instructions below on how to download and activate. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more detail.

Getting Started: Download and Installation Instructions

Getting Started
Types of devices you can use

The Ten Percent Happier Meditation app is available for:

  • iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch and
  • Android devices.

The app is not available on computers. However, the Ten Percent Happier website has other free resources that can be accessed by a computer.

Minimum operating system needed

To support the app on iOS, a device needs to be running iOS 12.0 or higher. On Android, it must be running Android 5.0, Lollipop, or higher. To support the iOS app, Apple Watch Requires WatchOS 5 or higher.

Instructions to update your operating system on:

If you’ve used the app before...

Eligibility is confirmed by your current Harvard email address. You will need to know the email address you used for your TPH account before you begin. To verify, go to “Profile” and select the “Settings” (gear icon) in the top right-hand corner. Then select “Account.” You will see the Email address you have previously or are currently enrolled.

Select one of the 3 user scenarios A
Completely New User, never downloaded
Previous User, Harvard email
Previous User, non-Harvard email

Get the most from the app.  Watch the demo.


Turns out that those 20 seconds of handwashing are the perfect chance for some loving kindness.



Please note, this app is available for free to Harvard University benefits-eligible faculty and staff.  Ten Percent Happier will remove all non-eligible members (change in job status, left or retired from the University) from the Harvard account at the end of each fiscal year (6/30.) Please reach out to the Office of Work/Life work/life@harvard.edu for instructions to carry over your history into a private pay membership, if applicable.