Summer Youth Employment Program

2022 Summer Youth Employment Program Information

We are excited to announce that we are launching the 2022 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)! We are now actively accepting requests for internships from Harvard managers, which must be submitted by end of day on Friday, May 13th

2022 Program Overview & How to Request a Student:

  • Program Dates: The internship program is 6 weeks long and will run from Monday, July 11th through Friday, August 19th, 2022. Student interviews, if needed, are expected to occur on a rolling basis throughout April and May. Some interviews may trickle into early-June depending on when requests are submitted, with the goal of host departments beginning to onboard their respective students in June as well. Hosting managers should also plan to be available for opening and closing events on Monday, July 11th and Friday, August 19th. 
  • Program Cost: Departments are responsible for paying for their student internship and all students must be paid at least minimum wage ($14.25/hour) as their hourly rate. If fiscally feasible, it is strongly suggested for a higher hourly rate to be offered (i.e. - $15/hour) and to be commensurate with the requested work. Typically, the cost for the 6-week term is approximately $2,000-$3,000 depending upon the student’s weekly hours and hourly rate. 
  • Program Format: As mentioned above, I do recognize that the format of our work continues to evolve – almost daily! We encourage you to use your discretion, based on the nature of your specific work, to determine the appropriate work arrangement for your student. From the student perspective, fully on-campus or hybrid are preferred and recommended – but the program can support fully remote arrangements as well. All students (regardless of the work arrangement) will be required to adhere to Harvard’s COVID guidelines, including the vaccination and testing requirements. Both full and part-time schedules are also supported, with a general suggestion of planning for 25-35 hours/week at most (including the cohort program hours outlined in the following sentences). Lastly – students will be invited to participate in the Ed Portal-led cohort program that supplements the SYEP. This cohort program is 5 hours/week, on Fridays, and focuses on professional and cohort development. The expectation is that the host department will compensate for these hours. For example – if your budget supports hiring a student for 25 hours/week, this would be 20 working hours + 5 cohort program hours per week.  
  • SYEP Information Sessions: To learn more about the program, please register for our info sessions via the Harvard Training Portal (HarvardKey protected). These info sessions will be held on Tuesday, April 19th from 11AM-12PM and Tuesday, April 26th from 11AM-12PM.  

We greatly appreciate your support of the Summer Youth Employment Program and hope to see both continued and new participation this summer. If you are a Harvard manager interested in hosting an SYEP student, please submit a job request form via Qualtrics by Friday, May 13th


Summer Youth Employment Program

General Program Information:

The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) provides valuable work experiences to high school youth from Boston and Cambridge, while contributing to Harvard’s summer staffing needs. Building on Harvard’s longstanding tradition of partnering with Boston and Cambridge to hire local teens, SYEP offers a unique six-week experience for students and hiring managers alike. SYEP is designed to assist local youth with developing positive work habits, professional experience, as well as gaining motivation to further their education and pursue career options. By providing both practical work experience and developmental opportunities, the program aims to enable participants to contribute to Harvard’s workforce needs while developing important skills. Please note that this program is currently only available for high school students from the City of Boston and Cambridge public schools.

Program Logistics:

Participating departments fund the hiring of a student and the cost associated is approximately $2,000-3,000 per student, depending upon the weekly hours and hourly rate (which is no less than minimum wage, currently $14.25/hour). The hours/week and pay rates may be adjusted to fit your needs and budget. Both full-time and part-time positions are supported by the program -- with a general recommendation of 25-35 hours/week -- as well as varying work formats including fully on-campus, hybrid, or fully remote. From the student experience perspective, fully on-campus or hybrid are recommended. You may also view a few sample job descriptions (under Related Links on the right-hand side of this webpage) to assist you in completing your job request form via Qualtrics.

As part of the program, support is provided from Harvard Human Resources and Harvard Public Affairs and Communications in the following areas:

  • Provide SYEP information sessions (via the Harvard Training Portal) to learn additional information about the program
  • Partner with community partners and hiring managers to identify successful placements
  • Provide Hiring Manager Orientation to new and returning managers
  • Host a Student Welcome Breakfast
  • Host Student Development Workshops and Harvard as an Employer information sessions
  • Serve as a Harvard liaison to support the success of each placement
  • Create a safe and meaningful summer for all participating students
  • Host a Student Farewell Reception
  • Provide optional Student Training Sessions across various areas, including customer service, systems, Microsoft Office, and more
  • Provide an optional cohort program that supplements the SYEP -- which is 5 hours/week each Friday, and provides students with the opportunity to learn with and collaborate together while completing their individual assignments across Harvard

For more information about this program, please contact Michelle Gordon-Seemore. Students should contact their Guidance Counselor or Career Specialist to learn more about employment opportunities at Harvard.

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