Tuition Assistance


Harvard encourages lifelong learning by helping to cover the cost of undergraduate or graduate courses. The Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP) assists with classes taken at Harvard. The Tuition Reimbursement Plan (TRP) assists with classes taken at other accredited schools.

This benefit is a great way to enhance your career or pursue a personal academic interest. TAP and TRP are available to benefits-eligible professional, administrative, support, union and teaching staff. For additional details, including waiting periods for new employees and eligibility based on hours worked, please consult the TAP/TRP Booklet. For additional details, including waiting periods for new employees and eligibility based on hours worked, please consult the Benefits Enrollment Guide for administrative/professional or bargaining unit/union staff, as appropriate.


With TAP, classes are only $40 at the Harvard Extension School or 10 percent of the tuition cost at other eligible Harvard schools. This includes the graduate schools of education, government, public health and design, as well as designated programs at some other faculties.  

Employees may pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree, as well as several graduate certificates at the Harvard Extension School. The Extension School offers hundreds of evening classes and flexible degree programs.

A graduate degree or certificate may also be earned through certain TAP-eligible programs at the Graduate School of Education, Harvard Kennedy School and the T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Before enrolling, it's important to review the TAP/TRP Booklet, which has details on waiting periods for new employees; eligibility based on employee group and hours worked; credit limits; participating faculties at Harvard; and how to register. (Please note that you may view a table of contents in the booklet by selecting the bookmark icon in the top margin.)


TRP reimburses employees up to 75 percent of tuition costs (up to 90 percent for HUCTW employees) upon the successful completion of classes at other accredited institutions. There is an annual maximum of $5,250.

Classes must be job-related, unless they are taken as part of a program to earn a first undergraduate degree at an accredited institution. For full details on eligibility, waiting periods and registration, please review the TAP/TRP Booklet prior to enrolling in a class. 

Additional Assistance

Harvard provides additional financial support to help employees further their education and careers through attendance at classes, seminars, programs and conferences that may not be covered through TRP. It's important to read the guidelines below (and at right) before enrolling to be sure the program is covered.

For administrative, professional, and non-bargaining unit staff the Education Assistance Fund helps cover the cost of work-related classes, seminars, conferences, certificate programs, or test preparation courses taken outside of Harvard. For details, please see program guidelines and application. If you have questions about the Education Assistance Fund, please call 617-496-8128.

HUCTW staff have access to a separate Education Fund, which can be used to cover seminars and conferences, test preparation course, licensing and accreditation classes and many additional educational and career development needs. For details and application, please see HUCTW website's Education Fund page or call the HUCTW at 617-661-8289.