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Lactation Support

Commencement Visitors (May 24-May 29, 2022):

***Please register using the "Visitors" button below. Upon registration a document will be sent to you with a map and detailed instructions on how to find and access the six (6) lactation spaces available to campus visitors on the Cambridge campus. The lactation spaces will be drop-in for the duration of Commencement activities. Each room has a Medela symphony hospital-grade pump, space to leave your own pumps (at your own risk), and a small fridge for milk storage if needed.***

Recognizing the importance and benefits of breastfeeding for working parents and their infants and in promoting a family-friendly work environment, Harvard provides more than 50 formal lactation rooms across the University. Any Harvard-affiliated nursing parent, including faculty, staff, students, and spouses/partners who are breastfeeding, can register to use a Harvard lactation room.

All University-sponsored rooms have a hospital-grade Medela Symphony pump, for which you will need to provide your own Medela accessory kit. Accessory kits can be purchased online or from local pharmacies. 

Register using buttons below (ahead of first anticipated use date if possible).

Registration gets you:

  1. Access: to the 50+ rooms across three campuses (see the lactation map linked below and this room list pdf);
  2. Activation: HUID card clearance to the lactation rooms including any entryway doors, elevators, stairwells etc to get you to the room;
  3. Availability and Reservations: the private lactation room template is added to your existing (or newly-created) Roombook account where you can check room availability and reserve your 30-minute slot (recurring if needed). The reservation confirmation email will include any room specific amenity and pincode information (for those doors with pinlocks).

COVID protocols:

Primary rooms will be assigned based upon location to help balance the number of nursing parents using each room. Each room will be single occupancy (even if there were more pumping stations open prior to the pandemic). Masks are required to be worn and hand sanitizer is strongly suggested. Vacant time between room reservations is strongly encouraged where possible.

Register Once, Campus-wide

Complete a registration form, below. You will receive an automated confirmation email followed by a personalized instruction email. Your access and Roombook account will be set up on the same business day where possible.

HUID Holder Lactation Registration Visitors Lactation Registration

See Lactation Room Locations on a Map

Map holder

Click on the map image to view the interactive map and see the locations of formal lactation rooms across campus. Narrow your search by campus.

Click on the highlighted buildings for pop-ups of building and room amenity information. 


Provide Feedback on Lactation Rooms

Please help us improve the lactation room system: use this form to let us know what's working and what needs attention in lactation rooms around campus.

Provide Feedback button


  • Nursing Parents in the Workplace: Harvard Guidelines and Policies
  • Locations: Current lactation room list (pdf) of the 50+ formal lactation rooms at Harvard
  • Lactation Room Consultation: Departments interested in enhancing a lactation room or developing a new one should contact the Office of Work/Life for room guideline information, best practices, and amenities standards.

About the Lactation Room Project
Supported by the President's Administrative Innovation Fund (PAIF) 2019-2020

Acting on feedback from nursing parents that the system of lactation rooms around campus was fragmented and outdated, the University committed to improving the registration, reservation, and access processes. This enhanced system will better support faculty, students, and staff who are trying to balance their work and their parenting needs as their schedule takes them around campus.

This effort was the subject of a successful PAIF grant in July 2019. Please visit the PAIF site to learn more about this project.

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