Harvard offers comprehensive dental benefits to eligible employees and their dependents through the Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier plan, including a distinctive extended benefit for for faculty and nonunion staff.

  • Coverage includes dentists “in network” in Delta’s Premier and PPO networks; 97% of Massachusetts’ dentists participate.
  • You can also choose to see “out-of-network” dentists, but this may increase your out-of-pocket costs.
  • To see if your dentist is in network, visit

Plan Benefits

  • Dental benefits cover preventive, basic, restorative, major, and orthodontic services. Preventive care is 100% covered. Other services are covered at 25%-50% after deductible (some plan limits apply); for more information please refer to our Dental Plan Overview.
  • You can choose between PPO and Premier network dentists; PPO dentists cost less.
  • Dentists agree to accept Delta’s negotiated rate; you can’t be billed for the difference.
  • The University Health Services Dental Clinic and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine Faculty Practice participate in the network.
  • Plan for staff covered by SEIU Arboretum contract provides up to $3,000 of coverage per covered family member, while the plan for faculty and nonunion staff, HUCTW, ATC, HUPA, HUPSMGU, Local 26 and SEIU Custodian members offers a unique design with a second level of coverage above this amount.

Dental Rates

2019 Monthly Premiums

Faculty, administrative/professional staff, and other non-union staff, HUCTW, ATC, HUPA, HUPSMGU, Local 26 and SEIU Custodian
Individual $20
Family $56
SEIU Arboretum members
Individual $18
Family $50

Rates vary based on differences in plan design.