Senior Team and Executive Coaching

The Center for Workplace Development (CWD) offers executive coaching for faculty leaders and senior administrative leaders (grades 60+ unless otherwise noted). Coaching is a reflective conversation focused on leveraging and enhancing an individual's skills, knowledge, abilities, and perspectives to achieve goals and further one's engagement.

Team Coaching Program

Based on the success of our Team Coaching Pilot (learn more here), Harvard's Center for Workplace Development (CWD) offers an annual Team Coaching Program.

This is a supported learning engagement designed to increase the capability and performance of select Harvard leadership teams. Teams go through an application process in the Fall. Those selected meet monthly with their coaches and three times with all teams as part of a learning cohort.

Please note the following eligibility criteria:

  • Existing teams made up of leaders/managers and their respective team members. The work of team members is interdependent, sharing a common purpose and reasons to cooperate
  • Leadership teams or large-scale project teams that need to work together for at least one year post-program
  • Team size is 4 to 8 individuals (some flexibility for groups of 3, or up to 9)
  • Diverse teams are encourage to apply
  • Benefits-eligible employees only (team members cannot be contractors)
  • Teams with individual performance management issues cannot be considered. Please seek out other resources. 

Please continue to check this page for related events and programmatic updates.

For more information, contact Hilary Marcus at

Team Effectiveness Toolkit

Executive Coaching

  • Executive coaching for high-performing leaders who have a current leadership challenge and a desire to take action and create a plan through an interactive process of learning and applying new behavior. These engagements typically last 6 months and include a 360-degree assessment.
  • Onboarding coaching helps foster a smooth transition into a new senior level position for both internal promotions and external hires and is a partnership between the coach, the new senior leader, and their manager. Senior-leader onboarding coaching helps newly placed faculty leaders and executives navigate areas most critical to their success. These engagements typically last 6 months.
  • Short-term coaching focused on a very specific leadership challenge that can be addressed in a 3-session engagement is offered for university leaders grades 59 and above.

To learn more about our executive coaching and new leader coaching services, Harvard executives and faculty leaders can contact the CWD Relationship Manager for your School/Department directly.