Caring for Elders and Other Adults

The Office of Work/Live gives all benefits-eligible employees options for short-term backup care and resources for longer-term solutions.

Planning Resources
Harvard offers multiple resources that can help faculty and staff plan for and support an elder or other adult.

  • Harvard's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides advice and recommendations on any elder- or adult-care issue, and referrals to resources nationwide.
  • The Senior Care Planning program, provided by, helps faculty and staff navigate the ever-changing demands of caring for an aging family member or other adult by connecting them with a professional senior care advisor, a licensed geriatric social worker who is an expert in adult and elder care. The program also provides referrals and access to vetted services around the country.

Backup Care
If an adult relative’s needs or care arrangements suddenly change or your regular care is unavailable, you can find backup care to cope with a short-term need.

  • BackupCare is a service that sends a screened and qualified care provider to your adult relative’s home. You must preregister for this service. Please note that adult back-up care may require an assessment of care needs and therefore as must time as possible should be allowed.
  • The SOURCE Program provides employees up to $350 per year to help pay for back-up care. Benefits-eligible employees with a full-time equivalent annual salary of less than $70,000 are eligible. 

Nursing Home Care
If you are considering nursing home care for a family member or another adult in your life, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home provides information on:

  • How to find and compare nursing homes
  • How to pay for nursing home care
  • Your nursing home resident rights
  • Additional resources