Understanding your Care @ Work benefit through Harvard University

Through Care @ Work, benefits-eligible Harvard faculty and staff have access to a range of dependent-care services. The following explains how to register for all Care @ Work services, and describes the services that Care @ Work offers.

How to Register

  1. Register before you need it. In order to use Care @ Work services, eligible employees must first complete, hand-sign, and submit a waiver. You must submit this paper document by scanning it or taking a clear picture of it and emailing ( it to the University’s Office of Work/Life. (While email is preferred, faxing is also possible at 617-495-4124. If you fax, please follow up with an email so we know to look for your form).
  2. Receive a confirmation email. Once this waiver is received by the Office of Work/Life, the eligible employee is added to file feed that goes to via PeopleSoft each evening. PeopleSoft will automatically send the registered employee a confirmation email to the Harvard email address on file.
  3. Enroll with Once you have received the automated confirmation email, you will need to enroll with Care @ Work. Instructions are contained in that email. You must enroll using your Harvard email address. When enrolling:
    1. If you already have a personal account and you wish to merge it with the new account you are creating via your Harvard benefit, be sure to click “No” in answer to the question at the top of the enrollment page, “Are you new to” You can then follow the prompts to merge your accounts.
    2. If you do not have a account or do not wish to merge it with the account you are creating via your Harvard benefit, click “Yes” in answer to the question at the top of the enrollment page, “Are you new to”
  4. Choose and use your benefits. Once enrolled with, you will see a screen guiding you to choose the services you need. Some are accessible online and via the app, others require a phone call.

What Care @ Work Offers

Your Care @ Work benefit gives you access to multiple services. These are:

  1. Basic membership: Unlimited and free use of’s online database of caregivers and other services (known as the Digital Platform). This is a self-service tool that allows you to search for caregivers and other household help. Once you are enrolled with, you will see this option as, “I want to search on my own.”
    Please note that caregivers on the digital, self-service platform are not necessarily licensed or background-checked. For more information on's security practices, please see their Safety Center.
  2. Back-up child care: When regular child care is not available, back-up care services may be able to help. This program provides each benefits-eligible faculty or staff member with access to a total of 20 days per year of back-up care, including in-home child or adult care and center-based child care.
    1. In-home care: This in-home back-up care service differs from the self-service database; has represented that these caregivers are employees, are specifically trained, experienced, and vetted to provide in-home back-up care. When you use in-home back-up care, you are gaining access to a smaller pool of caregivers and the professional placement services of Care @ Work. Harvard faculty and staff may use up to 20 days per year of this service. The cost is $16 per hour. Read more here.
    2. Through a network of centers: Back-up care is also offered on a space-available basis through a network of child care centers (for children up to age 5) that contract with Specific centers are visible once you are logged in. Back-up care is $35 per child per day.
  3. Back-up adult care: In-home back-up care for elders or other adults, including care for yourself when recovering from illness or injury. When you use in-home back-up care, you are gaining access to the professional placement services of Care @ Work. The cost is $16 per hour in Massachusetts and ranges from $15 to $18 around the country. Days of this service count toward the overall total of 20 days per benefits-eligible faculty or staff member. Read more here.
  4. Senior Care Planning Program: This service helps faculty and staff navigate the demands of caring for an aging family member or other adult by connecting you, free of charge, with a professional senior care advisor (a licensed geriatric social worker who is an expert in adult and elder care). The program also provides referrals and access to vetted services around the country. Learn more here.
  5. HomePay. If you have a household employee such as a caregiver or housekeeper, you may be responsible for household payroll, tax, and HR compliance. offers HomePay for an additional fee, but as part of your Harvard benefit, registration fees are waived (whether you have found your employee through or not).