Inclusive Hiring Initiative

The university-wide Inclusive Hiring (IH) Initiative is a joint collaboration being led by the Talent Acquisition and Diversity (TAD) team with the Inclusive Hiring Working Group and supported by the Office for Diversity Inclusion and Belonging (ODIB). This initiative aims to develop sustainable guidelines and trainings on compliant and inclusive hiring practices that align with the university's commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence. These resources will support efforts to reaffirm the university's commitment to inclusive hiring, to building an increasingly diverse workforce, and to more fully realize the promise of Harvard as a place where everyone can flourish. 

Initiative Goals

  • Provide foundational knowledge on compliant and inclusive hiring
  • Offer resources and practices that can be implemented into department hiring strategies
  • Teach strategies for engaging with diverse talent for open positions
  • Instill an understanding of how departments can leverage the selection process to promote a more inclusive hiring process overall
  • Facilitate conversations with Subject Matter Experts around best practices

Process & goals for IH Initiative

Inclusive Hiring Roadmap

Phase I-a: Data Collection (February – May 2021)

Data collection will be conducted by surveying university-wide recruiters and leading focus groups with a sampling of hiring managers. This information will provide an increased understanding of our current state and will be instrumental in developing relevant topics for the inclusive hiring training and Talent Acquisition and Diversity (TAD) Talks. We also hope to gain an understanding of unintended barriers in our recruitment processes and workflows.

Phase I-b: Inclusive Hiring Resources Guide in support of VERIP (February 2021)

An Inclusive Hiring Resources Guide (IHRG) has been developed to provide recruiters and hiring managers resources to help mitigate biases in our hiring practices and to create a more diverse workforce. Please note, this resource guide will be continuously revised by members of the Inclusive Hiring Working Group to keep its status current and relevant.

Phase II: Talent Acquisition and Diversity (TAD) Talks (May 2021 - ongoing)

The “TAD Talks” monthly sessions offer an opportunity for continued conversations for university-wide recruiters as well as hiring managers. These open sessions will provide recruiters and hiring managers the opportunity to discuss questions regarding compliant recruitment and inclusive hiring practices with Subject Matter Experts as well as seek consultation on diversity recruitment topics (i.e., Accessibility, Developing Diversity Strategies, ERGs, Hiring Individuals with Disabilities, Social Media Recruiting, Affirmative Action Plans).

Phase III: Inclusive Hiring Training Series (Dates TBD)

The trainings seek to provide foundational knowledge on what inclusive hiring means, review compliant recruitment workflows with an emphasis on inclusive practices, discuss overall diversity recruitment strategies, and do a deep dive into creating a more inclusive selection process. *Please note, TAD will communicate training dates and format once they are available. Our focus is to ensure that the training is accessible, sustainable and meets the overall needs of the university.

Additional Training Opportunities:

Contact Us

For questions regarding any aspects of the Inclusive Hiring (IH) intiative, please contact a member of the Talent Acquisition and Diversity (TAD) team:

Michelle Gordon-Seemore, Director of Talent Acquisition & Diversity
Kaycee Alexander, Talent Acquisition Project Manager
Roberto Martinez, Senior Diversity Talent Sourcer