Service Recognition

Harvard Service Milestone Recognition Program

Beginning with milestones attained in 2016, Harvard recognizes 5-year service anniversaries to express appreciation for the service of our talented faculty and staff. The program complements Harvard Heroes and an array of local recognition programs all across the University. Details are available in the Program Guidelines. Here's an overview of how it works:

  • Harvard recognizes the service anniversaries – from 5 to 60 years – of administrative/professional, support, and service and trades staff. In most schools, service recognition begins at 10 years for faculty.  
    • Service milestones are recognized based on years of benefits-eligible (BE) service, which can be found in PeopleSoft at Self-Service>My Personal Details>Additional Information. After each month, .083333 years is added to the balance shown there. Milestones are recognized when BE service crosses a five-year threshold.  
  • When they attain a service milestone, honorees receive an award booklet.
    • The booklet contains information about how to order your anniversary gift, and a small catalog of sample gifts; more gift choices are available online. The gift program is the same in all departments, but there are different ordering websites for each, as some items are available with a choice of Harvard or School insignia. 

  • You may order your gift online or by telephone, and have it shipped to the U.S. address of your choice. Please contact Harvard's vendor partner, O.C. Tanner, for any matters relating to your gift, shipping, or customer service. 

Please enjoy your gift with our thanks for your contribution to Harvard's mission and success, year after year. Please contact your local human resources office or email if we can be of additional assistance.  

Other Service-Related Benefits and Perks 

The University provides special benefits and perks, such as free Harvard courses and membership to its athletic facilities, to eligible faculty and nonunion staff as they attain significant employment service milestones. You can learn more here. For eligible nonunion staff members, the University also awards Longer Service Bonus Vacation Days, beginning at 15 years of service, for personal and professional renewal at mid-career, and later, for retirement planning and transition.

Service-related benefits and paid time off provisions for represented staff are summarized in each union contract.