Senior Care Planning

The Senior Care Planning Program

This service helps faculty and staff navigate the ever-changing demands of caring for an aging family member or other adult by connecting you with a professional senior care advisor (a licensed geriatric social worker who is an expert in adult and elder care). The program also provides referrals and access to vetted services around the country. Services are free of charge and include:

  • In-depth individual and family consultation: Professional guidance, planning, and ongoing support for the faculty or staff member and their family;
  • Customized action plans: Clear and actionable steps for caregivers and their families;
  • Facilitated family meetings: Siblings and other family members can clarify roles and  plan together; and
  • Access to national networks: Referrals to vetted providers across the U.S., including geriatric care managers, elder law attorneys, at-home care services, back-up care, senior housing, adult day programs, transportation, and Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Senior Care Planning staff will also negotiate on behalf of clients for preferred rates.

Note: Register before you need it! To use any service provided by Care@ Work, Harvard faculty and staff must complete and return a waiver. Once the Office of Work/Life receives this waiver, the employee's name is added to an automatic file feed that goes to on a nightly basis. This process takes about a day. Once you are registered, you will be able to create an account that will allow you to contact

Once you have submitted a waiver, received a confirmation, and created a Care@ Work account with, you may proceed directly to and log in to your account to access the benefit that is right for you.

"Senior Sense" Newsletters

As part of the Senior Care Planning program, we are pleased to connect you to "Senior Sense," a newsletter provided by Recent topics:

Find more "Senior Sense" columns and elder care advice here.

Senior Care Seminars

As part of this program, occasional on-site and on-line seminars are offered throughout the year.

Webinar Series 2020

Dad Wants to do it Alone: When a Parent Won’t Accept Help

You’ve been concerned about your loved one living at home now that they’re older and having trouble getting around, and you’ve come up with the perfect plan to support them. There’s only one problem – they are refusing to acknowledge anything is wrong and won’t accept help. What now? So often our loved ones do not accept care supports because it can feel like a loss of control and independence. This webinar will address how to support your loved one’s autonomy, even when they need help and strategies to introduce beneficial care options in a non-threatening manner.  Tuesday, May 5, 1:00pm - 2:00pm Register here.

Choosing the Right Care Providers for your Loved Ones 

If you’re a family caregiver, you may be making decisions without enough information to get it right. For example, if your mother needs help at home, where do you go to find the best care? How can you hire a caregiver with the right skills and personal touch? Perhaps your father wants to downsize and move to a senior care community. How can you help him manage this life transition and find an appropriate setting? Researching care options can be time-consuming and confusing. In addition, one size does not fit all. It’s important to choose a care provider that best meets the needs of your loved one knowing that those needs may change down the road.  Tuesday, August 4, 1:00pm - 2:00 pm Register here.

Sharing the Caregiving: Managing Sibling Disagreements 

Siblings can be our best friends and partners in crime growing up. But as adults, siblings can make caring for an aging parent challenging and stressful. You think Mom needs in-home care, your brother wants assisted living and Mom doesn’t want help at all! Sound familiar? How can you and your siblings get on the same page, help Mom find the right care and not get entangled in simmering past resentments? This webinar will discuss how to create a care team, delegating responsibilities, managing sibling conflict, and coping with your own stress.  Tuesday, November 10, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Register here.

Recordings of each webinar will be available following the live event.